Traffic/Yard Duty

St. Matthew’s traffic policies and procedures are a collective effort by the administration, traffic duty volunteers and most importantly, parents and caregivers driving on campus. The safety of all our children is everyone’s number one priority. Below you will find parking and traffic guidelines. 

Traffic and Yard Duty Sign-up and  Family Schedule

Parking and Traffic Guidelines

  • Click here for morning traffic plan for drop off 
  • Click here for afternoon traffic plan for pick up
  • The front parking lot near the flagpole is for Faculty and Staff parking only.
  • The North parking lot near McGuire Gymnasium is available for parents who are attending a meeting at school. Currently our Covid protocols only allow a drive through scenario only. We will update you when parking will be permitted.
  • As you exit the school, please turn right on to Aragon. If you want to head south on El Camino, use the El Camino exit from the front lot.
  • In the afternoon, Junior High families use left lane to pick up. Always pull as far forward as possible. 
  • Please drop off, and pick up on school grounds. If parking on surrounding streets, please do so legally. Do not block neighborhood driveways.
  • Please remember there is to be no cell phone usage, texting, or checking emails while driving on campus. Also, please observe these rules while serving on your traffic duty.

Traffic Duty Reminders - Six shifts per family

  • On the day of your shift, report to Mrs. Diaz who will be positioned near the play structure in the main schoolyard. (7:30am for AM shift or 20 minutes before dismissal for PM shift).
  • Initial next to your name in the traffic binder. You will be assigned to a specific location.
  • Wear a safety vest and pick up a traffic lanyard that details your patrol duties. 
  • Read and perform the duties described on the back of your lanyard.

Yard Duty - Two shifts per family

Please ensure you arrive on time for your scheduled Yard Duty commitment. You should report for yard duty by 11:15am and check-in near the blue lunch tables. If you are unable to work your shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. The safety of our students relies on parent supervision during lunch recess.

Thank you for all you do to help create a safe and fun environment for the children of St. Matthew Catholic School.