Golf Fundraiser Raffle

The drawing for the raffle will take place at morning assembly on Friday, October 22nd.

Auction 2022
Table for 10 at the Casino Royale 2022 Auction with 6 bottles of wine.
Wine courtesy of the Hickey family. 

St. Matt's Bundle/Duty Free
This package includes a reserved parking space, you are absolved of completing your 40 volunteer hours, and no traffic/yard duty.
This package is courtesy of St. Matthew Catholic School.

Game On!!
This package includes a PlayStation 5, Madden NFL2 for PS4 and is compatible on both PS4 and PS5 systems, dualsense wireless controller, dual charging dock, wired headset, silicone case, storage stand, USB-C cable 2 in USB-C cable and 4 thumb grips AND a $50.00 gift card.
This package is courtesy of: Akers, Amoroso, Barberini, Bollinger, Endaya, Gullo, Matagrano, Rosenberg Families.

Fill It Up Please!
250 gallons of FREE Shell Gasoline redeemable at Johnny’s Shell
This package is courtesy of the Hampton Family.

Play the ultimate virtual universe that lets you create and share experiences with friends. This package includes exclusive employee only tokens that unlock special virtual items, Roblox swag, and $250.00 Robux gift card.