Hot Lunch Program

The St. Matthew daily hot lunch program is provided by a third-party vendor; Choicelunch. They provide simple, wholesome foods featuring seasonal fruits and veggies, antibiotic-free beef and poultry, whole grain breads and homemade sauces and dressings.

 The hot lunch service is an optional program that your child may participate in.  You may choose to have your child participate in the program to fit your needs (daily, weekly, once a week, once a month, or not at all).  

 If a child does not have a packed lunch and has not ordered hot lunch, he or she may request an emergency hot lunch for that day only. If you do not want your child to receive an emergency lunch, you must opt out of the program by creating a Choice Lunch account (see below), and selecting to opt out under the Emergency Lunch Preferences.  If your child receives an emergency lunch, you will be charged.

 How do I sign my child up for the program?

 You will need to create a Choice Lunch account and enter each child in your family that will want to participate in the program.  After your account is set up you will be able to order individual lunches by day, week or month.  Use their online ordering system and mobile app to place or cancel orders 24-hours a day.

 Follow the steps below to create your account: 

  1. Go to the Choice Lunch website –
  2. Click the Order Now button
  3. Enter School Code: Matthew
  4. Enter your account information
  5. Add the names of your students
  6. Account is now ready!

 Parent Volunteers

 Come join the hot lunch volunteer team at St. Matt’s!  Our team of volunteers is responsible for setting up and managing the distribution of lunch everyday.  It’s a fun, easy way to help and to see your child during the day.  You can schedule your volunteer days to fit your needs. 

  • As a volunteer you must be available 11:00 am – 12:15 pm on the day of your shift. 
  • As an incentive, lunch volunteers may enter 2 hours of service for each day worked.

 If you are interested in signing up to be a member of the hot lunch team, please contact Susan Summe at

 Current Volunteers - Click here for the latest monthly schedule


Hot Lunch Program Co-Chairs

Susan Summe –                Gail Zimmerman –



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