Religious education is what we are and do. Prayer is part of every class. Our students pray several times every day and attend Mass weekly. Students receive formal religion instruction each day, and religion classes emphasize family life, social justice, and Christian service. In all classes, gospel values are communicated.

Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum empowers our students to become critical thinkers while developing all of their language arts skills: asking questions and forming opinions in their writing, reading, and public speaking. The curriculum grows in complexity and expands on a foundation of mastered skills through each grade



Science is introduced in kindergarten and begins with an emphasis on practical applications and the scientific method. Students explore through lab, hands-on activities, projects, research, field trips and use of media.

Social Studies

Social Studies is introduced in kindergarten and 1st grade. Students learn about social structures, world and US history, basic economics, study of cultures, ancient and modern, government, California history through research, field trips, and the use of media.


St. Matthew Catholic School offers an environment of advanced and responsible technology to our students. Technology is utilized in every classroom in multiple ways. When walking through the halls, you can see computers in action in some way. Teachers as well as students are encouraged to embrace technology into their academic curriculum.

  • Students in grade K-4 have formal computer instruction once a week. The class coves the technology standards set forth by the Archdiocese as well as national. Grades 5-8 the technology standards are woven with the curriculum. Students in grade 5-8 are assigned a school e-mail account where they can work in Google docs.
  • St. Matthew maintains a high standard of digital equipment. Each class is equipped with a mounted ceiling projector to enhance instruction. The kindergarten classroom is also equipped with a Smart board. The lower grades have access to 72 iPads. The school has a one to one iPad program in the fifth grade. The junior high students are encouraged to bring their own device, but St. Matthew’s does have 25 laptops on hand for use as well.
  • Students at St. Matthew Catholic School are blessed with the ability to be able to have access to technology while at the same time maintaining a strong academic program. Graduates of St. Matthew Catholic School will be able to successfully complete the following categories of computer technology: digital responsibility, file management, network skills (including word processing, presentation skills, spreadsheet, and some digital video).

The school maintains a comprehensive website that allows all shareholder to access information. This tool is instrumental in communicating important dates and events, homework and field trips, upcoming projects and exams, and updated grades for students and parents to access. We are pleased with our progress in technology and hope to continue to maintain the high standards.


Music is taught in grades K through 8. It is a comprehensive program based on state and national guidelines and includes music appreciation, rhythm, reading basic notation, the history of music, the variety of types of music, liturgical music, music programs, and the basic knowledge and use of simple instruments.


Spanish is taught in grades K through 8 and emphasizes vocabulary, basic grammar, usage, conversational phrases, elements of and appreciation for Hispanic culture (including some religious practices), and music.


Art is taught in grades K through 8 and is integrated with other subjects. The focus is on the use of various art media, art appreciation and history, and art displays.

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught in grades K through 8. The emphasis is on basic skills, movement, fair play, exercise, games, and the rules and skills of games. 

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