Student Learning Expectations

PEARL - Grades 'K' through '3'

A St. Matthew Catholic School students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade, supported by the faith community including parents, parish, and school, is expected to be:

A PERSON with Strong Character who:

  • is kind and shows love
  • does what is right without reminders
  • tells the truth
  • trusts God
  • is a good sport

An EFFECTIVE Communicator who:

  • listens carefully and kindly to others
  • agrees/disagrees politely
  • shares ideas clearly through writing, drawing, or speaking
  • is learning to speak and write correctly
  • does his/her best work

An ACTIVE Christian with Catholic Vision who:

  • and trusts God and tries to follow Jesus daily
  • helps others
  • respects holy persons, places, things, and events
  • prays and takes part in Mass
  • is learning what Jesus's Church teaches and how to be a good member

RESPONSIBLE Citizen who:

  • is a good member of the community
  • helps those in need
  • is learning how people's differences are important and good
  • makes choices that make good things happen
  • works cooperatively and plays kindly
  • is learning about America
  • is learning to use and share resources


  • is always learning to use different tools
  • is learning how to organize and to solve problems in different ways
  • wants to learn and grow
  • builds confidence


PEARL - Grades '4' through '8'

A St. Matthew Catholic School Graduate, supported by the faith community including parents, parish, and school, is expected to be:

PERSON with Strong Character who:

  • shows respect and love to all
  • lives with integrity
  • is honest
  • has a positive sense of self
  • demonstrates self-discipline

An EFFECTIVE Communicator who:

  • listens attentively and compassionately
  • respects differences
  • uses various modalities to express ideas and feelings
  • uses correct grammar and mechanics

An ACTIVE Christian with Catholic Vision who:

  • has a personal relationship with God
  • demonstrates faith in his/her daily life
  • honors Baptismal promises through Christ-like service in the world
  • has a sense of the sacred
  • participates in prayer and liturgy
  • knows the teachings and mission of the Catholic Church

RESPONSIBLE Citizen who:

  • demonstrates social consciousness and aids those in need
  • respects and celebrates cultural diversity
  • is accountable for his/her own actions
  • works cooperatively with others
  • understands American history, traditions, and civic duties


  • meets the academic standards of the school curriculum
  • uses resources to gather information
  • uses organizational and problem solving skills
  • is self-motivated
  • continues the pursuit of faith formation and personal growth
  • encounters new challenges with confidence and optimism