St. Matt's has been family to us for the last nine years. The school and parish community have helped our children develop into compassionate, independent, and faith-filled leaders. Their teachers and coaches have stretched them in and out of the classroom to discover, develop and share their gifts and talents. Parent

We are blessed to have two children at St Matthew Catholic school. The values that are important to us are also reflected in our school family. The principal really takes an interest in getting to know each child and their families. It’s amazing how she knows each child by name. The teachers provide a learning environment where the children thrive and grow academically. Each teacher provides a weekly newsletter to communicate with parents on current upcoming lessons. They are extremely responsive when we have any questions or concerns. Our children are truly excited to go to school every day and eager to come home to tell us about what they’ve learned. Parent

St. Matt’s has been such a special place for our family and our children. We so appreciate that our kids are challenged academically while also challenged to be better people everyday. Parent

"St. Matthew is more than just a school; it's a spiritual, emotional, and educational home. I love that at St. Matthew I am able to see my students grow up throughout the years and become young men and women of faith. This is a community that cares deeply about the children entrusted to their care!" 
-Junior High Teacher

The clergy, administration, faculty and staff of St. Matthew Catholic School recognize that superior education and formation happen when each child gets what he/she needs to learn. The parish and the school work hand in hand to discover what each child needs, and that makes all the difference. Catholic identity permeates all subjects and activities; the size and diversity of the community ensure a real world experience for the students.  Every aspect of each student’s development is nurtured through an academic and co-curricular program that emphasizes rigor and mastery. It is an honor and a privilege to teach at St. Matthew. Indeed, it is home. K-4 Teacher

I like St. Matthew School because I am being educated thoroughly! Junior High Student

I love that St. Matt's is one big amazing community. You are not only friends with your classmates, but the staff, faculty, and teachers as well. Junior High Student