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St. Matthew Catholic School


St. Matthew Catholic School is a coed parish school of over 600 Kindergarten through Eighth grade students. Our core values of faith, knowledge, and community are intertwined. Since our founding in 1931, we have been committed to keeping the Catholic faith alive and to building a strong, integrated academic curriculum focused on the whole child: spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional. St. Matthew continues to offer the same quality education that it has provided to families of San Mateo County for 93 years.

Person with Strong Character

A Person with Strong Character who:
is kind and shows love
does what is right without reminders
tells the truth
trusts God
is a good sport


Effective Communicator

An Effective Communicator who:
listen carefully and kindly to others
agrees/disagrees politely
shares ideas clearly through writing, drawing, or speaking
is learning to speak and write correctly
does his/her best work

Active Christian

Active Christian with Catholic Vision who:
trusts God and tries to follow Jesus daily
helps others
respects holy persons, places, things, and events
prays and takes part in Mass
is learning what Jesus's Church teaches and how to be a good member

Responsible Citizen

A Responsible Citizen who:
is a good member of the community
helps those in need
is learning how people's differences are important and good
makes choices that make good things happen
works cooperatively and plays kindly
is learning about America
is learning to use and share resources

Life-Long Learner

A Life-Long Learner who:
is always learning to use different tools
is learning how to organize and to solve problems in different ways
wants to learn and grow
builds confidence


By integrating faith, knowledge, and community, St. Matthew students will become a person with strong character, an effective communicator, an active Christian, a responsible citizen, and a life-long learner.

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student-athletes participate across four sports